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Britt ’s Gourmet Supports Kiss 98.7’s Kiss “For The Cure”
And The “Young Survival Coalition”

As a breast cancer survivor, I am very passionate about helping causes that fight cancer and promote breast cancer awareness. 

Britt ’s Gourmet made custom pink parfaits in October for both Kiss 98.7 radio stations’ “Kiss for the Cure” with radio personality Shaila and for the Young Survival Coalition of New York.  Ms. Khadijah Carter , Program Manager for Young Survival Coalition is a cancer survivor under the age of 40.



Britt’s Gourmet Provides Young Entrepreneurs Advice And A Tour

A group of excited students from the Dionne Warwick Academy of Entrepreneurs got the opportunity to visit with Loretta Gregory Bowe , owner of Britt ’s Gourmet and see firsthand how her business runs.  The field trip included a trip to Britt ’s Gourmet manufacturing plant and a visit to one of the ShopRite’s’ that sell Simply Britt’s Gourmet parfaits.

Bowe discussed her humble beginnings in her kitchen to her current distribution to many stores and businesses.  “Lots of hard work, passion for what you are doing, a good business plan and never giving up will pay off in the end.  You can live the American dream,” said Loretta.




Feed the Children and Freedom Parfait

When the 911 incident happened, it devastated all of America. We as Americans became closer and we began to appreciate life and what we have, our Freedom.

In light of all, my daughter said to me, “mommy why not make a mold in the patriotic colors, Red, White and Blue, and call it Freedom.” What a wonderful idea! Putting these beautiful colors together, we came up with "The Freedom Parfait."

Our first event with this parfait was for Feed The Children. It was a wonderful event in the Woodbridge Mall with a children's choir singing our patriotic songs inspiring everyone that was listening.

Let us do an event for you and your organization with our "Freedom Parfait."


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